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Paying patients may have to pick up tab

NEW DELHI: The 10 multispecialty private hospitals directed to treat poor patients free of cost have promised to abide by the Supreme Court order. However , they have also hinted at passing on the costs to paying patients. After the court announced its order on Thursday, the hospitals said poor patients will not be charged [...]

Medfort Hospitals merges with Maxivision

Chennai, Aug. 31:
Medfort Hospitals has announced merger with Maxivision Eye Hospitals, a Hyderabad-based eye-care chain specialising in refractive treatment.
The merger will result in all the eye-care initiatives of the Medfort group being rebranded as Maxivision Eyecare and Maxivision Lasik Suites, housing cataract and retina units.
Medfort currently runs diabetes and eye care centres in Delhi [...]

Despite 33% drop, India records highest newborn deaths in world

NEW DELHI: First the good news: India has recorded a 33% drop in newborn deaths between 1990 and 2009.
Now, the bad news. Despite the sharp drop, over 9 lakh newborns died in 2009, the highest in the world.
The most comprehensive newborn death estimates so far covering all 193 countries and spanning 20 years released [...]

Food vendors must don gloves, maintain hygiene or pay 1L fine

MUMBAI: The next time you visit your favourite chai, pani puri or bhel puri stall, or any other small-time food seller, dont be surprised to see the vendors sport aprons and hand gloves. For, according to the new Food Safety Act, hawkers, food vendors and temporary stall owners must follow minimum standards of food safety [...]

80% of Indians dont use essential drugs

NEW DELHI: An average Indian suffering from heart attack or stroke is seven times less likely to receive the inexpensive aspirin the most commonly used anti-platelet drug and 20 times less likely to receive statins than an average Canadian.
In a first-of-its-kind study to quantify use of effective low-cost drug treatments for heart disease [...]

Bombay high court helps fight female foeticide

In a significant victory for the state government in its drive against female foeticide, the Bombay high court on Friday upheld Kolhapur district collector’s decision to make it mandatory for all pathologists using sonography and ultrasound machines to install the ‘silent observer’, a device which records all sonography images, which are then stored in a [...]

Supreme Court for free treatment of poor at private hospitals

By- Correspondent | Date- August 26, 2011
In a significant directive, the Supreme Court of India yesterday directed the private hospitals in Delhi to allocate 25% of their out-patient department capacity and 10% in patient department capacity for free treatment of poor and the needy.
It also asked the Delhi government to come up with a workable [...]

Coriander appears to have bacteria fighting capability

Coriander oil is capable of killing many strains of bacteria in laboratory tests, researchers have found.
Coriander, also called cilantro, is an aromatic plant used in cooking. For centuries, oil produced from the seeds has been tied to health benefits, including pain relief, ease of cramps, nausea fighter, aid for digestion and treatment of fungal infections.
Now [...]

Will power keeps fasting Hazare in form: Doctors

He has not had food for a week, but Anna Hazare is apparently going strong despite weakening health. The 74 year old anti-corruption campaigner seems to have mastered the technique of surviving without food for long periods, say health experts. Doctors treating Hazare told IANS that the
septuagenarian has lost five kg of weight as his [...]

Human guinea pigs lend their courage to a golden era of cancer research

Cancer sufferers test drugs fresh from the laboratory in the hope of saving their own life and advancing knowledge of the disease
David Cox is a human guinea pig. He is also a man with a cancer for whom there are no more conventional options and who reasonably believes that, at 56, it is too early [...]

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